Sat, Feb 23, 2019


In 2017 I started my own company. I needed peer support. I was also told there are not enough female entrepreneurs. I didn't agree, and FENSA was born. Since then we have rebranded, and we are 4 000 members strong. This new site is dedicated to every single female entrepreneur in South Africa.

The goal of FENSA (Female Entrepreneur Network South Africa) started small – a private group on Facebook that is a safe space for all members. Carefully policed to ensure no one that didn't have the betterment of the group in mind, could join it. No advertising at all was allowed in the group, making it a place where female entrepreneurs could be honest with themselves, and each other. Give advice, and listen. Help each other grow day after day, and get raw feedback.

Being an entrepreneur isn't easy. It takes strength to decide you want to go it on your own, and even more strength to get up every morning.

Entrepreneurship is not glitz and glamour – it is about doing everything in your business, and learning how to manage that after a while. It is learning to deal with financial crises, how to celebrate the good time – and even the bad. You work until the early hours of the morning, and you don't get to have sick days, or days off. Holidays? What is a holiday?!

And what do you even do if you don't have an MBA? You just have a skill.

That, is why FENSA was formed

Started small and now…

We started out small, with a few requests a day. Before I knew it we were getting 50 to a 100 requests to join per day. Soon I couldn't manage it on my own, and the same questions kept coming up – be it about tax, marketing, digital and social media, coaching, business registration and even banking. Sales and procurement and growth. All the questions every entrepreneur has

Now, FENSA is called FEC – Female Entrepreneur Collective.

Why Female Entrepreneur Collective?

Because that is what we are. We are a collective that makes the whole better. The mothers of South Africa are the backbone of our nation. The women who never back down.

This site is inspired by them.

Now we have a collective place where we can:

  • get answers from industry experts via our contributor and news section
  • network with each other online
  • create online stores, FREE of charge, to sell our goods in the FEC marketplace
  • add our businesses to the FEC business directory
  • add our events to the FEC events section, targeting the right people
  • take advantage of business support packages including
    • Tax and Accounting
    • Business Coaching
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Graphic Design
    • Copywriting
    • Website Development

So please, join us. This platform has been put together with South African female entrepreneurs in mind. Perhaps one day… we'll go global.

If you need assistance, advice, guidance with your business, or just to get in touch, be sure to visit our contact page.

I look forward to networking with you,

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