I read part of a business book this year… It said that clothes matter. Like really matter. It said that there is an actual correlation between clothes and success… And hey, who am I to argue with the big business people?


Instead, I decided I will give it a go. Take their advice. Always dress to impress. Clothes influence… they influence you to feel good, and they sell. They sell a feeling, a movement. Because perhaps, just perhaps… if you’re feeling good, the person you’re meeting with wants to feel good too. Because clearly whatever it is you’re doing is working for you, so why wouldn’t they want to jump on the band wagon, why wouldn’t they want to feel good too?


So less mom outfits for me this year, and more “I look and feel fabulous” ones.  I went a little over the top, as I do, with this dress. The little black dress always does the trick, and as for me (and the people that know me will know) I like tradition, but I like it just a little edgier. Just a little more out of the ordinary.  And while I definitely am not suggesting going over the top for every meeting, just make the effort. Level up just a smidge with your outfit and see what it does for you.


It is a new year after all, give it your best shot and look like a million bucks while doing it.


As Edith Head claimed; “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” Some words to live by.

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